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Work & Travel in Greece – Part 2: Mykonos

In Athens (Read Part 1) it was already getting a bit too hot for me, so I decided to spend a few more days on an island.

From the port of Piraeus you can easily get to various Greek islands. The prices for the ferries start at about 30€ (duration of the trip between 4-5 hours). I chose the SeaJet, with which you arrive in Mykonos in about 2.5 hours. The ticket for this speed ferry costs about 60€.

On an island in Greece, the most practical way to travel is by rental car. Mykonos is not a very big island, but some routes by public transport are only 1-2x per day.

No matter where you drive along the island, you almost constantly have a wonderful view of the sea.

PXL 20210519 075728860

My accommodation was in the south of the island with only a few meters to Agios Iordannis beach – there it is (especially at the end of May) still very quiet, which is optimal to work in a pleasant atmosphere on the terrace in the shade in peace. I planned my day in such a way, to work in the morning and in the evening and during the day to explore the island or to go to different beaches and to swim in the cool sea to cool down.

If you want action, then you are from the southern part of the island in only about 10 minutes in the city of Mykonos, which invites you to stroll with its picturesque alleys.

PXL 20210519 153059253

If you walk through the picturesque little streets in Mykonos Town, you are very likely to meet Pedro the pelican. He likes to walk around the town and is not afraid of tourists.

Just a few meters from the old town (Chora) are the famous windmills of Mykonos.

PXL 20210519 154121081

Outside the city I can recommend a trip to the lighthouse on the north side of the island.

In the evening, the best way to end the day is with a cocktail in one of the bars in „Little Venice“.

PXL 20210521 162425222

The best beaches in Mykonos

The beaches in Mykonos are all gorgeous. Almost all of them are pebble beaches – very fine gravel, on which you can pleasantly walk barefoot into the water. The turquoise-blue water is crystal clear, so you can see all the way to the bottom of the sea. A paradise for snorkelers and divers.

PXL 20210525 140031636

One of my favorites is PARAGA BEACH, which is adjacent to a small mountain on the western side, where you will find the „Scorpios“ Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, from which you have a panoramic view of the sea.

Paraga Beach on Google Maps

On the back side of the beach there is a small mountain on which there is a peacock farm. The peacocks run freely around the mountain.

PXL 20210526 151450350 1

PXL 20210526 131508315 1

If you want to party, PARADISE BEACH is the place to be. The Tropicana Club extends over almost the entire beach with sunbeds and beach beds. Besides food and cool drinks, you can also enjoy a shisha there. The rhythmic sounds encourage the perfect party on the beach.

Paradise Beach on Google Maps

You might think Mykonos is its own little world.

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