Or: introduction to my blog

i’m Andy, a web developer & ux/ui designer from vienna, austria and this is my first post on my blog.

First of all – it’s not just a travel blog. I just want to share my life as a webdeveloper and my passion for travelling.
In the past few weeks very positive things changed my life – yes, during 2020, the covid-year – and i want to share my thoughts and stories because maybe there are some people who feel similiar like me right now and can benefit from reading my blog and following my journey.

After more than 10 years working in a company in Vienna i quit my job and you can believe that was not easy. I really liked the job, my coworkers and also the boss has been a very cool guy – but in the past few months or years i felt that i have to change something. It was just a daily routine and i felt like i was stuck in the same situation every day – but i had a lot of benefits. The job was well paid and i had the freedom to design my projects as i wanted and in the company it felt like a small family – but that was the problem – there haven’t been enough cons, but i felt that i have to change something – so that’s what everyone tells you:

break out of your comfort zone!

But it’s not easy. After such a long time working in one company it was a big step for me. I felt that i wanted to be more flexible and location undependend.

So two days after my last day at the office i was sitting in a plane directly to portugal. Luckily i found a cool group of coworkers at joinmytrip.com and so i booked a trip to cowork and colive with them (you can read my post about the coworking and coliving trip blog post coming soon). During that time meeting all these digital nomads with their awesome stories made me think about my past life and i realized that i want to change my life. Why work all year long at one place and only spend one or two weeks on vacation when you can be at a nice place as long as you want? Sounds like a dream? It’s a lifestyle. So my stay here was the best opportunity to test this lifestyle. I was working every day, but also was able to explore the algarve together with like-minded people. I had to learn coming down from a stressful daily routine to a flexible life. This trip to portugal was definitely one of the best decisions i ever did.

Due to covid my flight back to austria was canceled some days before i went to Portugal. My former self would check flights back on the first day on – but why? i had no reason to go back that early. In austria the weather was much colder and they started a full lockdown. It was just in my head to plan everything. But then i realized that it also works without planning everything in detail – and it felt very good. So i extended week by week here and it felt right. Will see what the next time will bring. I hope my blog will help some people who are in the same situation. Stay tuned for more!

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