Working in a home office can sometimes be quite exhausting. Compared to the office, you can get distracted very easily at home. To still stay productive, the following tools can help.

The tools mentioned are free of charge, but some of them are limited in scope. The costs for this can be found on the websites of the tools in the “Pricing” section.



To be able to work really productively, it is also important to take breaks in between. Often you are so concentrated and you forget about it. At the end of the day, you just feel knocked out.
Pomofocus helps by reminding you to take regular breaks with the Pomodoro technique. You can also create to-dos with the tool and set a Pomodoro period for them.



One new notification and your smartphone is unlocked. The ForestApp app helps you stay focused and use your smartphone less. It also relies on the Pomodoro technique and helps you give your phone a break in predefined periods by planting trees. At the beginning, a seed is planted, which grows into a tree if you don’t open social media apps or surf the web during the designated concentration periods. If you do, the seedling dies. This is a playful way to learn how to be less distracted.

Environmental Fact: In the Pro version you get points, which you can then even redeem to have a real tree placed.


Google Keep (Notizen)

Google Notes is a simple but very handy tool to quickly write notes or checklists. No matter if it’s a to-do or a shopping list. In the tool you can write quick notes in a few seconds and the best part is that it syncs with your Google Notes on your Android device.



Notion is a comprehensive list-based tool for planning projects. You can decide how sophisticated you want to manage your lists. Multiple views such as kan-ban, timeline, or tables are possible. The combination of several lists makes Notion an extensive workspace for different purposes.

Trello Project management tool


If you don’t want to deal with the creation of databases and lists, I would advise you to use the somewhat simpler KanBan-style project management tool. Individual cards can be moved around in columns, so that you can plan and manage your tasks. Within a card, multiple users of the team can comment or add attachments, create checklists or set deadlines.



Clockify is a handy time tracking tool to record your working hours. With the browser extension it is very easy to quickly start a task that is assigned to a project or client.



Who hasn’t experienced this? A colleague or customer can’t get along with a tool on his PC or cell phone or needs certain settings and it’s just too complicated to explain it on the phone. With TeamViewer you can remotely access another computer or mobile device (provided that TeamViewer is also installed on the device).



WeTransfer is great for quickly sending larger files via email. It is possible to send files up to a size of 2GB for free. The Pro plan even includes 1 TB of cloud storage.



With MailButtler, e-mails can be sent with a time delay. You can prepare a mail, but only send it the next day. The tool also offers many other email functions such as different templates or designed signatures.



SereneApp is a comprehensive productivity tool that combines several functions to increase productivity. Besides creating to-do lists and weekly schedules, you can block certain websites and apps for periods when you don’t want to be distracted. Likewise, with SereneApp you get a weekly report on usage.

I hope these tools help you to stay focused and productive in your home office.

Do you know of any other useful tools? Just tell me which productivity tools you use in the comments below.

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