Hey, I’m Andy!

A web developer and ux/ui designer with more than 10 years experience from vienna, austria. I started blogging in November 2020 to share my life as a travelling web developer with you. What was the reason i started blogging? I quit my job without a plan and travelled to portugal and learned a lot of new things which lead to change my life. This experience lead to the decision that i want to share my new lifestyle with you. Read more about why i started this blog in my first blog post “do we really need another travel blog?

What is more it’s not just a travel blog. I want also to share my thoughts and experiences as a web developer in my daily life. I really like to create new things and that’s what is also a part of my blog. If you are interested in my work as a webdeveloper you can visit my portfolio website www.andreas-stricker.at

Feel free to follow me also on my other social accounts.

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